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Anything you need to know about the Yukara Clan, the most prestigious clan in the Stellar System Of Planets, as well as the universe surrounding it, can be found here.

The Yukara ClanEdit

The Yukara Clan is a family from the Planet Of Roso in the Stellar System Of Planets. They are heavily mystical in the religion of Rosoritualism, and each person in the clan are classified as Rosospiritualists. It is extremely rare for any person to marry into the clan, as per the religion states that a true Yukara will marry themselves. Satellite families revolving around the Yukara Clan, such as the Dextrous Clan, are not considered to be true members of the clan, and were decreed non-familial by the clan. Each Yukara member is believed to bear divine power sometime during their life, and at this moment, there are two angels known in the clan: Melanie Yukara and Katalina Yukara.

Latest activityEdit

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